Dear Readers,

A new gallery has been added to the Photography-section.

Working with a, to me new, slow, or insensitive, film has provided a even finer grain and more detail, thus opening a world of new results.

Click the pick and ENJOY!



Dear Readers,

It seems HnnH, Joe and all the others have gone on holiday or something, so I’m simply not able to post any Big Adventure just now. I can’t even advice you on how patient you’ll have to be, as the guys didn’t leave a note on when they’ll be back –  those rascals!

I too am going away, on my own little adventure of sorts, so I can’t promise to post with any regularity for the next three weeks. Though I do hope to keep you updated on my weird world. Thus you get some sketches for something that might or might not become something in and of itself.1 2 3