I’ve returned and that’s rather sad, actually.

I miss the garden where I picked figs straight from the tree…. all the new friends and especially the old ones, the relation of which were deepened no end…

Thank you, all you dear people!

But I have returned, to prepare for October and CPH Zinefest (22nd & 23rd), which I’m really exited about! Come see me, please.

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Dear Readers,

I’m away.

Staying in London, delighting in the medieval layout, the hum of twenty-four-hour-living.

I’m away.

Far into a dream, another version of existence, familiar and recognizable yet utterly estranging…

I’m away and I love it.

This is my version…..

(ps: check out the new menu point “photography“)

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Dear Readers,

It seems HnnH, Joe and all the others have gone on holiday or something, so I’m simply not able to post any Big Adventure just now. I can’t even advice you on how patient you’ll have to be, as the guys didn’t leave a note on when they’ll be back –  those rascals!

I too am going away, on my own little adventure of sorts, so I can’t promise to post with any regularity for the next three weeks. Though I do hope to keep you updated on my weird world. Thus you get some sketches for something that might or might not become something in and of itself.1 2 3