I work quite a lot with the camera, as it’s near to hand, quick, and an inspiring way to express something.

I use digital cameras, of course, but often I choose the good old fashioned film-camera, as the material of the silver colloid adds something tangible, lends the motif a touch of dreaming – that overlap of the real with the imaginary.

In the digital world the nearest to hand is my camera-phone; just like the rest of you guys. I also have a wonderful Nikon D80, which is not quite as handy but delivers so much better.

Analogue cameras are my above-all love, though. I love the heavy clunk of the shutter, the slow, reluctant crunch when the film is wound, the touch of metal against the skin… aaaahhhhhhh…

I started out with a 35mm Minolta from the 70’ies; I still use and treasure it, as it’s extremely trusty and rather handy. Then I wanted to up the format and got a Lubitel from the 50’ies; it’s very primitive, but hardy and works immaculately, despite its age and cheap materials. This really opened my eyes to the medium format, as the 120mm negatives can render so much more detail; and thus I found I had to up the antics once more and bought a Mamiya RZ67, 5 kilos to drag around, but the results (most of the weight is lens) are worth the back-pains.

And working in the dark room is simply a dream!

Below, dear Reader, you can access different aspects of this visual expression as well.





In Concert.




Native Nature




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