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Have you come across one of these “calling cards”?

Maybe that’s why you find yourself here….

The explanation is quite simple, actually. I’m looking for these people.

You see, I’m convinced that all my characters are persons in their own right, and that they have lives separate from me. I’m a curious person, so I want to know all about these friends….

This is how they look. Some names I know, some I don’t…. Do you know?

Perhaps you’ve seen them out there in the real world?

It could be that you recognize them, because they’re somehow in your life?

Maybe they just whisper in your ear, as they do mine, and thus you have a story to tell me?

So, if you know something – their favourite dish, book, film, their address, what they hate or love, if they have a pet, anything – please report to me. I’m dying to know.

It could just be that that you don’t know any of these people, but you still have a story to tell – a manuscript you’d like me to work on or just a flimsy idea you want to share ?

Well, submitting is easy: leave a comment on this page, or email me: I’ll be delighted to read your thoughts!

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