DISCLAIMER: Any resemblance to reality is purely coincidental!


It is said she was found under a rock in rural Denmark way back in 1974.

She applied for and obtained her citizenship aged only 6 months.

She holds a philosophical MA, and like Schröinger’s cat her existential status is unstable at best.

As an avid admirer of Afenginn, Atius, N. Gaiman, J. Saramago, M. Mills, Dr. Who, Sherlock, science and many other, she prefers aphids to people.

“My stories are all true, because I made them up myself” – thus quoting the French writer Boris Vian, she issues a warning. Not knowing exactly what truth is, she’s probably only voicing lies…..

For questions, answers, dreams, ideas, or COMPLAINTS – feel free to contact her:


2 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. if you want som werid ideeres you shuld ask Emir kusturica. he is fantastisk. but the mind is great then it is not closed. the secret is not the door ore the key but the air between the key and the door, lightly not to be seen.and if you are a kabbalah fan you will know what i mean. they say that all ideas lies in the veil. som says that we are oppen for ideas when we are dreaming. and dreams are old as just life itself. this is where my story begins. we often think that dreams are not real, but life are. but is that true. I remember one night befor i went to sleep that the moon was soo cleare and big, that i was thinking; I must bee dreaming. but i was not. and it dit not become bette then a white owl flew right just past my window. the night was lait and the darkness soon lay its magic on my eyes. my powers over my wakefulness was taken from me…. perhaps you think now that a white rabit woke me, ore maby som other alicy in wonderland shit. I must assure you that this was not the case. a strange voice called on me repeatedly. My eyes was heavy, and i took my som time befor i came to my self. I was surprised too see that I found myself in a room full of books. I turned around but wherever I went,
    I could not see any doors.’ oh my dear I thought, how will i get out of here’…… surprise surprise
    again. the voice came again, but this time more stronger….. ” Soo Neil you are awake”…. confused as I was, I shouted loud out into the room where I stood. ” Awake….. what do yo mean….do I not dream…. and who the hell are you”. books around me shocked at the high laughter that came right after. ” so you really think that you dreaming, thats interesting”. front of me began the books to shake again, but this time they started to move to the sides. and out of the black void came a man with black long hair and wearing a white suit of feathers, from head to toe. His face was strong and masculine but narrow, and his eyes were looking straight at me. but then he turned around and his back turned out to be a women wearing peacock feathers. Her hair was dark brown, and her face was feminine, but her eyes were the same as the man I had just seen…..
    I must say that my breath became tilent as a mouse. but the silence was not long before the woman in front of me began to speak in a calm voice. ” Neil………I have waited for you as long as I can remember”. it did not take me long time before I answered her again. ” well I can not say the same for I do not know you or your name”. she took my right hand with her left, while she looked me, intensely into my eyes. ” Of course you know me, you just can not remember it”. I grabbed onto her hand hard, and said, “are you absolutely sure that you know me and who are you”.She looked over her shoulder gently as there were some watching her. she looked at me again. “Yes you do. but I can not say much here, and I can not reveal my name here. it’s not safe here for both of you or me. Take this key and keep it well. soon it will all be clear to you and you will meet me again, but first you have to go through 4 Quest and 3 Riddle, more I can not say”. immediately there came a dark voice from abov. “Do not trust a word of what she says to you”.
    frightened I was but when I looked around, there was neither any woman or some books around me, only a completely white landscape…. my thoughts were swarming around my head. ‘what is this’. I thought to myself.’ it’s just something in my imagination’. but when I looked down in my hand, I still held the key she gave me.

    end of part 1 of: Night wing of Dreams.


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