CirCus 3


Dear Readers,

Here you are: The third issue of CirCus!!

Feeling all alone, Eloïse wanders the duned landscape suddenly coming across Dill. Striking up conversation things are revealed on both sides, tying bonds as well as creating distance and discord.

What is this weird universe that Eloïse finds herself in?



CirCus 2


Dear Readers,

Thus the 2nd issue of CirCus is out!

Eloïse wakes up in the dark wagon only to be taken care of by Carl, the director of the little circus. Being a feisty girl, she tries to form a place for herself, but she’s continually thrown off by weird encounters, and a shadow falls heavy on the one tentative friendship formed…



Dear Readers,

I’m happy to announce that it’s now possible to see (and buy) Solitary Confidant live!

Just go to the Bookartbookshop at 17 Pitfield Street, London N1 6HB and discover an incredible world of extraordinarily beautiful books.

Do yourself the service of visiting this little slice of heaven.




CirCus is the bizarre story of Eloïse, who on the brink of womanhood is whisked away by a circus on the cusp of bankruptcy.  Confused and in pain of being taken from her normal world, Eloïse is placed in the paradox of on the one side being held captive, and on the other held as a beacon of hope and deliverance.

Slowly delving into the grotesque world of carnie-folk and myth Eloïse discovers  not only who she is herself, but also something about the true nature of other people and this world.

First issue out NOW!


Dear Readers,

I know it’s rather last minute, but…

Do swing by this Saturday (27th of May) at the King’s Garden (Kongens Have) in Copenhagen – a fabulous event is taking place by the fountain in the middle of this park!

Self-publishes of several media (books, comics, music) will show off their works in the delightful pre-summer weather.

And for my part, there’ll be a sneak peek at my brand-new series: CirCus!

See you there, right??!!


Dear Readers,

In London exciting things are happening!

This very Friday (28th of April) at the Karamel, in Wood Green, there’ll be music and comics!

If you appear around 7pm you’ll have a blast! The music is performed by no less than 12 exceptional musicians: The Bonzo Cats (Bonzo Dog Doodah cover band), and they”ll do their utmost to perform the living soul out of the audience.

As for comics, they’ll be sold by yours truly.

Come join the party!